Monday, July 28, 2014

110 Days!!

It has been TWO MONTHS since my last post! Today marks 110 days until the wedding and, as if I didn't feel like it was crunch time already, I REALLY do now!

Speaking of "crunch time", I'm proud to say that it has officially been a month since I joined a gym and have consistently been going FIVE days a week! This is shocking for me considering I'd say the last time I really worked out was Varsity Cheer in 2002. That being said, ALL my free time has now been taken up with either wedding DIY's or the gym. 

Here is a little of what I've been up to:
I used my Cricut Explore to make this tumbler for myself, somewhat crass but, so am I ;)
 I did a marquee light DIY. Still haven't decided if I'm going to use them or not at the wedding but it's definitely cool knowing that I can make them!
 Put together a last minute plan to go to a bridal expo and magically ALL of my bridesmaids were able to come! It was so great spending the day with all of them. 
I made a cute "Cheers" banner (with my Cricut Explore of course) for my home bar. I'm thinking it might make an appearance at the wedding as well. 
And HERE is where the majority of my free time has been. Spray painting and/or Mod Podge-ing every piece of glass that has been collected by myself, my maid of honor Danica, and my roommate. 
And, without giving TOO Much away, I made this ADORABLE mini canvas for a little project I've been working on for the wedding. It has all ready been coming together and, now that a lot of the bigger stuff is nailed down, I'm having SO much fun with all of the DIY stuff. My head is so full of ideas, we'll see how many of them actually come to fruition. 
And lastly, this isn't something that I created but rather my maid of honor for my Bachelorette Party! (Well, I actually DID help with the little corsets, of course cut out with my Cricut Explore).  Aren't they SO cute! She designed them herself! The back is even cuter but has a little bit too much information to be sharing on the internet. Haha. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Save the Dates - Tutorial!

I recently blogged about my journey to finding the perfect Save the Dates here and I said that I'd be doing a detailed post about just how I put them all together and so ::drumroll please:: here it is!
(Like I said, it's pretty detailed, so it's pretty photo heavy. You've been warned.)

So, if you didn't see, my Save the Date inspiration were these little guys... 
Now... on to mine. First I'll start with what I used to make them...

1. Gold Glitter Embossing Powder ( I don't know why I put the number so far from the powder, sorry about that. )
2. Cardstock (I have two colors, one for the save the date, and one for the wrap, you'll see what I mean later)
3. Gold Pigment Ink
4. Save the Date Print Outs
5. Heart Stamp (on a clear block so that I can see exactly where I'm stamping)
6. Envelopes
7. Prinstagram Prints (cut out of book)
8. Scissors
9. Glitter Tape or "Bling on a Roll" as the packaging says
10. Wrap Print Outs
11. Tape strips of some kind
12. Heat Tool
13. Slicer (makes all the cutting MUCH easier)

I started by cutting down my save the date print outs down to a good size (which I just created using Microsoft Word believe it or not). 
(Side Note: Please excuse my hands in all of these photos... I need a manicure BAD)

Then I also cut down the wraps that I made (also simply using Microsoft Word). 
I then got all my embossing tools together (stamp, pigment ink, embossing powder and heat tool) and embossed a heart around both the month and date of our wedding.
(If you're unfamiliar with embossing, it's AWESOME and I'll be doing a tutorial video on it soon)

 Here's what the embossing looks like afterward. Pretty great right?

I then cut down both the peach cardstock (that I used for the Save the Date itself) and the mint cardstock (not pictured) that I used for the wraps. 
 I put a line of tape strip on both of the long sides of the print out. 

And then attached it to the peach card stock. 

Almost done! Time for a few finishing touches. I cut pieces of the gold glitter tape into about 2 inch strips. I found it to be much to thick, so I cut them all in half lengthwise (as you can see here and was much happier with them). I also put a line or two of the tape strip onto the Prinstagram photos and attached them. 

 Getting closer!
 Now, finally, the wraps. I decided to add the wraps to give people our website, so that they could find more information about the wedding. I again simply used a line of the tape strip and attached my print out to my pre-cut cardstock. 

Placing the wrap on the Save the Date, I was able to line it up and make sure that the script was centered.  
 I flipped everything over and used the bottom of the save the date as my guide, to make sure that I was doing it straight. And again, added a line of tape strip (I used SEVERAL of these throughout the process) and that was it! I slid the wrap closer to the middle and....
 The were done! I'm SO happy with the way that they turned out! They certainly look a lot of time (and patience) but because of that they are completely unique and completely ME!
I've been getting so much wonderful feedback via text and photos of people loving them which makes it even that much more rewarding!
Let me know if you have any questions about how I did anything!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekend Wedding Wishlist

I have quickly become that annoying person that all I do is talk about wedding stuff and if I'm not talking about it, I'm at LEAST thinking about it. My Pinterest has become consumed with wedding related things so I figured I'd share for anyone interested.  
one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine 

One // This adorable cover up would be perfect on a tropical honeymoon.  

Two // This hilarious tote would be essential after a bachelorette party weekend with the girls. 

Three // More wine please! Wedding planning involves a lot of wine. Why not pick up a grown up sippy cup (with your new initials of course)!

Four // These adorable versatile flats would be great for showers and honeymoon alike! (site unfortunately says they're currently unavailable. Insert sad face here. Hopefully they get more soon.)

Five // This adorable Kate Spade passport holder lets everyone at the airport know you're a new Mrs!

Six // So this bike isn't necessarily wedding related but it is for me... it matches my wedding perfectly and I can't help but love it! (Was originally found on for much cheaper but can no longer be found on their site. Hopefully they get more.) 

Seven // A bride essential. Can be worn to a shower or perhaps even a rehearsal but I picture it on a honeymoon. 

Eight // I've been coveting these glasses for FAR too long. If I don't get them I will have to buy them for myself because I need them in my life. 

Nine // I can see this as another post-bachelorette-party item. 

Anything I missed? I'd love to see any other bridal must-haves!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Save the Dates!

Today I wanted to discuss "Save the Dates". An idea that my mom finds utterly ridiculous, "Why do you need to tell people to save the date? Isn't that what the INVITATION is for??" Obviously I could take the hint, she wouldn't be helping me pay for them. If you know me, you know that's no problem at all! The more wedding projects that I can conquer myself, the better!

My best friend Danica and I have been scouring the internet (and by "the internet" I mean the perfectly curated wedding resource known as Pinterest) for some easy, yet unique Save the Date ideas. After seeing dozens, if not hundreds, of cute ideas, we stumbled upon these:
What a cute idea! We've all seen the postcard Save the Date, or the magnet, or even the event ticket, but I've never seen little stickers! Danica and I instantly fell in love with the clever idea and the added bonus, it was a free download! Once I got a little more serious about the idea, I even saw that they had an updated version of the calendar sticker Save the Dates!
After looking at the free printables, while I loved the idea of them, I decided that I wasn't in love with them. So I made the daring move to create some of my own. After finding two fonts that I really liked and lots of tweaking I finally ended up happy with my final product. 
I've got a full blog post on the way detailing everything that went into my Save the Dates along with photos of the final product so check back if you'd like to see! :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

If you haven't checked out my previous post, you didn't get a chance to see the new tote bag that I made with my new Cricut Explore. After making it I had so many friends contact me saying that they want some of their own!

One of my friends in particular wanted me to do something for her six bridesmaids and after going back and forth with ideas of what to do, she decided on a simple gold heart, kind of like this one from Alphabet Bags.
Using my Cricut, I played around with some sizes and finally found a heart size that worked well on the tote bags that I bought (from Michaels) and voila! 
And while we're on the topic of wedding stuff (even though the totes weren't
actually for MY wedding), I got my engagement photos back last night and I ADORE them! Roger from EPlove is UH-MAZING. We had such a fun time shooting with him and can't wait to see him again at our wedding! Here's a little peek at some of my favorites:
I can't wait to marry this handsome man. 
199 days left!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

So much of my wedding planning is finally starting to come together. I've been getting all the big stuff nailed down so that I can start on the FUN stuff!

So far we have:
-Ceremony/Cocktail Hour musician
-Wedding Coordinator
- Photographer
-Caterer (sort of, still figuring out menu and cost)
-Bridesmaid Dresses
and best of all... MY DRESS!

I still have a few things to be done, like:
-Groomsmen attire
-And a bunch of little stuff

But now I feel like I can really get into the fun stuff! I plan on making my own save-the-dates, my own invites, basically all my own paper goods.

I recently splurged and bought myself a new Cricut Explore and I ADORE it! I really bought it to help with all the paper goods but, turns out, it can do SO much more!

As you may have read here I put together a bridesmaid box for all of my girls to ask them to be a part of my big day. In the box, each of them got these adorable Bridesmaid totes from Alphabet Bags.
Ever since I bought them I had been eyeing this bag for myself. 
But, with a wedding coming up, I really can't just be buying random stuff for myself (the Cricut doesn't count, it was an INVESTMENT! Haha). So anyways, after doing some research on my new toy, I thought, I'd give tote bag making a shot and what do you know... IT WORKED! (And I actually think I might like my bag better!) It cost me a fraction of what it would have to buy the other bag. Truth be told, the quality of the bag itself is lacking (I mean, I bought the tote for 2.99, what do you expect). But I'm so glad to see that it's totally  doable and easy at that!
I should be getting my engagement photos by the end of this week which means I'll be able to get started on my save the dates and get them out the door! Another project I'm really excited about and can't wait to share!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

(Spring Wedding) Suit Up!!

While some of my favorite shows were on their winter hiatus, I spent that time catching up on all 8 previous seasons of "How I Met Your Mother". Yes, I said ALL EIGHT.

Over the course of a couple months I managed to watch about 200 episodes and catch myself up to finish the 9th and final season (which just ended this past Monday) with the rest of the country who had been watching all along.

Like most, I'd say Barney is one of my favorite parts of the show and his love of suits was nothing short of legen.... wait for it.... DARY.

Since wedding planning began I've been way more into suits than ever before. I mean, don't get me wrong, like most women, I love a man in a suit, I had just never really paid attention to color, texture, style, any of the real details.

But NOW, when Sam and I are watching TV or see photos of someone in a suit we both offer some sort of comment like "That's a nice suit" or "Do you like the color of that suit?" or "Do you think that suit would look good at our wedding?".

I guess my newly acquired suit interest has been noted by the universe because I was recently contacted by the Online Media Manager at Bonobos, a men's apparel brand that focuses on better-fitting clothes and a better shopping experience.

Oddly enough, this isn't my first time hearing about the company. One of my all-time-favorite podcasts, the Pop My Culture podcast has been sponsored by them in the past and so I've checked them out and really liked what I saw!

Just in time for the spring wedding season, they have launched a new collection of men's Seersucker and Cotton Suits. Even though my wedding is going to be a fall wedding, it's going to be out in the desert so lightweight fabrics are a must!

Not only does Bonobos make a good looking suit, their attention to detail is immaculate! Take a look at the detail even on the INSIDE of some of my favorite suites!

As if the suits themselves aren't swoon-worthy enough, they also offer "Groomservice" wedding appointments in their Guideshop for Brides and Grooms to help both the groom and groomsmen find the perfect wedding attire!

While creeping around their site I also noticed that they even offer 20% off AND free shipping off of your first order! Not too shabby!

Suit Styling & Fit Tips from Bonobos VP of Design, 
Dwight Fenton

"Fit is the most important detail for a suit. Marry that with classic color options and quality fabric, and you have a great looking, versatile suit for every occasion."

  • Fit starts with the shoulders: The jacket should grab your shoulders snuggly but not be overly tight. If the shoulders fit, pretty much anything else can be adjusted.
  • Length matters: To determine the appropriate length, you should be able to cup the bottom of the suit with your arms by your side. 
  • Show some shirt: A flexible but general rule of thumb is to have a quarter-inch of your shirt cuff showing. If you're wearing a heavier cuff, like a French cuff, you may want to show a little more. 

I had a lot of fun putting this post together, now it's just a matter of finding just ONE suit for Sam to wear for our big day!!