Thursday, April 3, 2014

(Spring Wedding) Suit Up!!

While some of my favorite shows were on their winter hiatus, I spent that time catching up on all 8 previous seasons of "How I Met Your Mother". Yes, I said ALL EIGHT.

Over the course of a couple months I managed to watch about 200 episodes and catch myself up to finish the 9th and final season (which just ended this past Monday) with the rest of the country who had been watching all along.

Like most, I'd say Barney is one of my favorite parts of the show and his love of suits was nothing short of legen.... wait for it.... DARY.

Since wedding planning began I've been way more into suits than ever before. I mean, don't get me wrong, like most women, I love a man in a suit, I had just never really paid attention to color, texture, style, any of the real details.

But NOW, when Sam and I are watching TV or see photos of someone in a suit we both offer some sort of comment like "That's a nice suit" or "Do you like the color of that suit?" or "Do you think that suit would look good at our wedding?".

I guess my newly acquired suit interest has been noted by the universe because I was recently contacted by the Online Media Manager at Bonobos, a men's apparel brand that focuses on better-fitting clothes and a better shopping experience.

Oddly enough, this isn't my first time hearing about the company. One of my all-time-favorite podcasts, the Pop My Culture podcast has been sponsored by them in the past and so I've checked them out and really liked what I saw!

Just in time for the spring wedding season, they have launched a new collection of men's Seersucker and Cotton Suits. Even though my wedding is going to be a fall wedding, it's going to be out in the desert so lightweight fabrics are a must!

Not only does Bonobos make a good looking suit, their attention to detail is immaculate! Take a look at the detail even on the INSIDE of some of my favorite suites!

As if the suits themselves aren't swoon-worthy enough, they also offer "Groomservice" wedding appointments in their Guideshop for Brides and Grooms to help both the groom and groomsmen find the perfect wedding attire!

While creeping around their site I also noticed that they even offer 20% off AND free shipping off of your first order! Not too shabby!

Suit Styling & Fit Tips from Bonobos VP of Design, 
Dwight Fenton

"Fit is the most important detail for a suit. Marry that with classic color options and quality fabric, and you have a great looking, versatile suit for every occasion."

  • Fit starts with the shoulders: The jacket should grab your shoulders snuggly but not be overly tight. If the shoulders fit, pretty much anything else can be adjusted.
  • Length matters: To determine the appropriate length, you should be able to cup the bottom of the suit with your arms by your side. 
  • Show some shirt: A flexible but general rule of thumb is to have a quarter-inch of your shirt cuff showing. If you're wearing a heavier cuff, like a French cuff, you may want to show a little more. 

I had a lot of fun putting this post together, now it's just a matter of finding just ONE suit for Sam to wear for our big day!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites!

First of all, if you're not familiar with Oh Joy! you really should be. I've been obsessing over her for awhile and, just this week her product line with Target launched! (Check it out here.)

Now, don't get me wrong, like most red blooded American women I can't walk into Target without buying a least a half a dozen things that I don't need, but the new Oh Joy! collection makes me want to splurge even MORE than usual! I thought I'd just share a few of my favs.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

And the best part of it all is how reasonably priced it is! As soon as the line launched I checked it out online and KNEW I had to have that coral ice bucket. I went to my local Target and it was nowhere to by be found! :( And then it happened! I found one on some random isle of the store, like someone had it in their cart and realized they didn't really need it and just set it down (my friend Danica is NOTORIOUS for that). I was so excited! (Not gunna lie, I'm probably going to end up getting the confetti, the water bottle and the cake stand too, but the ice bucket was a MUST.) I've been in the process of looking for a new bar set up and will definitely be using my new Oh Joy! ice bucket as my inspiration!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

I have officially turned into one of those girls who spends most of the time talking about her wedding. And the rare times when I'm not talking about it, I'm generally thinking about it.

I'm the epitome of a party planner. I love to throw a party (generally with a theme) for any and all occasions, complete with a photo backdrop, a banner of some sort and usually with a themed cocktail as well. A wedding is like the ultimate party so I'm having so much fun planning it. I figured I'd share a little of what's been being tossed around in my brain.

The wedding colors are:
(which you can see in this post about the bridesmaid box that I made for all my girls)
I've become so obsessed with the color palette I've even tweaked the colors of my blog to reflect them!

We are going to be getting married at a gorgeous private estate with a breathtaking view of the San Jacinto mountains. 

I don't want to take away from the natural beauty of the venue so I'm trying to stick to a very soft, muted color palette. Here's a look at the venue:
(Reza from Shah's of Sunset apparently had his 40th Birthday Bash here.)

Thanks to pinterest I have a plethora of wonderful ideas of how I can incorporate my crafty side in as many ways as possible. I really want for people to walk in and see me in the little details. Poor Sam doesn't really have much of an opinion or a say in anything but, so far, that's how he has liked it. He says as long as he gets to go to the cake tasting and as long as I show up, he's happy, which is fine by me! Haha. 

As I said, I have lots of fun wedding ideas and projects planned, I can't wait to share them all!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday!!

I have officially been engaged for for over four and a half months and, up until last week, I hadn't OFFICIALLY asked all my bridesmaids to be in my wedding yet!

I knew I wanted to do something cute and the most popular/cute thing that I've come across is the growingly popular bridesmaid box/proposal of sorts. After taking a look at a handful via pinterest and instagram, I put together one of my own for my four girls.

First, I had planned on going to my local craft store and buying and painting cigar boxes but when I saw these cute boxes at Target (they were a Valentine's day item), I thought they were too cute to pass up!

1. I stopped at my local home improvement store and picked up some paint swatches to show the girls the color scheme that I have dreamed up in my head. A pretty mix of peaches, mints and golds. (the gold glitter clothespin holding them all together was a Michael's find, their bargain bins are always a great place to find all sorts of goodies!)
2. At Michael's I also picked up a fun ribbon/twine/yarn collection, all in the family of colors of the wedding. I used them to tie up the adorable tote bags that I got them all. (See Below)

3. I got my craft on creating these gold glitter mini champagne bottles (and a mini Martinelli's for my pregnant bridesmaid-to-be). You can find a tutorial on how I did it here

4. I put together a little informational packet for the girls explaining "Our Day", "Your Role", "My Girls" and "Your Dresses". I bound them all together with a little gold sparkle tape (Michael's). 
5. I knew as soon as I saw these cards on etsy that I would be buying them. They were adorable and in JUST the right colors! (Both the tags and stickers used for the names were found in the Target dollar spot.) 
 6. Because it's me, I had to include an emergency sewing kit in the box. (They were another Michael's bargain spot find.)
 7. For jotting down any wedding related notes or doodles, I inluded a notepad (Target dollar spot) and gold glitter pencil (Michael's bargain section). 
8. Even though I already gave them the notepads, these gold foil notebooks (that were also a Target dollar spot find) were a must-have!

I had so much fun putting these boxes together for my girls! I plan on taking every chance that I have to do something fun and craft every step of the way for this wedding and clearly, asking my girls was no exception!

With that said, let me introduce you to my bridesmaids!

 Matron of Honor (but we don’t like the word matron so let’s just stick with maid). I’ve known Danica since middle school. We were always friends but I’d say we really got the closest after college when we moved in together. We’ve been through a lot together; the good, the bad and the ugly and I couldn’t imagine this special day without her. Danica has been a classmate, a co-worker, a roommate, a friend, but most of all, I consider her a sister.  

Stacy is my oldest friend. I met her even before I could read and write. After switching schools, we lost touch until reconnecting again in middle school and it was like no time had passed. I still remember all those sleepovers where we would plan our future lives and say we were going to have daughters at the same time and they were going to be best friends. Well, she’s on boy number two, so there’s still a chance! Haha. Stacy is the most level headed person I know and I’m so lucky that I’ve gotten to call her my friend, even after all these years.
 It’s no secret, when I first met Stefana while working at Red Robin, I didn’t like her. But it’s only because she was so pretty and all the boys were drooling over her so really, my dislike for her was a compliment! Haha. In the almost ten years since knowing Stefana she has become one of my best friends. Stefana is a caring, nurturing, motherly type, but also the biggest kid I’ve ever known. I admire her wackiness and every so often, it rubs off on me.  
Haley is my sorority sister and travel companion. She kept me sane during long recruitment meetings and the ever daunting Greek Week. We spent time as recruitment counselors together and even traveled down under! Haley and I always seem to be on the same wavelength with the same twisted sense of humor and love of nostalgic high school bands, we just get each other. I’m glad to have found a lifelong friend in a sorority sister.

I've known all of these girls for 10+ years now and I couldn't imagine saying I do without them. I'm so lucky that I get to share this journey with these wonderful women! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday!

Soooo it's no surprise that I'm engaged! 
And... because of that I have been getting my craft on a lot lately. 
I have a special post I've got in the works for tomorrow but, until then, I wanted to share an easy tutorial for one of the items I did. 
It's no surprise, girls like sparkle and this PARTICULAR girl likes herself some champagne. Soooo I decided to give some champagne a little sparkle and here's how.. 
I bought a four pack of the mini Korbels (from BevMo, they have some at Target as well)
I also used some glitter (Michael's), Mod Podge (any craft story), a foam brush and two paper plates. 
I started by covering the area that I wanted to sparkle with a coat of Mod Podge using my foam brush. 
I poured a generous amount of glitter onto the plate and rolled the bottle in the glitter. 
I placed the bottle on a second plate and poured the glitter onto all of the areas that still needed glitter. 

The last step (not pictured) is really personal preference. You can let the bottle sit and dry and then cover the glitter with another layer of Mod Podge to keep the glitter in tact OR you can leave it as is. The only risk with leaving it is that the glitter is MUCH more likely to end up all over the place however, it actually does look better because the Mod Podge tends to dull the sparkle of the glitter. I opted to add the top coat of Mod Podge because I know how annoying it can be to have glitter all over you. In the words of Demetri Martin "The thing about glitter is, if you get it on you, be prepared to have it on you forever 'cause glitter is the herpes of craft supplies." 
And there you have it! A simple and fun way to dress up any ole plain bottle for a gift, a party, or any occasion!

Friday, February 7, 2014


Sooo... I started 2014 with a positive outlook. 2013 had been so crummy that I figured, things could only get better. Unfortunately, yet another hurdle was put in front of me. Around Christmastime I noticed my dog, Beamer, was acting unusual. I noticed he was eating and drinking a lot more and was a lot less active and borderline lethargic. Shortly after I noticed the change in behavior, I also noticed a bump on his belly so I took him in to see the vet.

When Lexie was sick, I was taking her in to have blood work run about once a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. So I wasn't looking forward to going back, but I needed to make sure nothing serious was wrong. The doctor told me some things I already knew, (that he has a faint heart murmur) and some things I didn't (that his teeth are in pretty bad shape and should probably be looked at). And, after evaluating the bump I had found, found that it was nothing to be concerned about. The excess eating and drinking seemed to be a none issue. So that wrapped up that appointment.

Fast forward to about two weeks later. It's the morning and I'm getting ready for work and every morning before I leave, I give Beamer a little piece of chicken as his "bye-bye treat". I reached down to hand him the chicken and he looked right past it and seemed to be sniffing around for it. My heart sank. He obviously couldn't see the chicken that was right in front of his face. I thought, "that can't be right, he must have something in his eye or something". After a couple days I realized, he's definitely not seeing things so I, again, took him to the vet. While there, they ran through some routine testing to check his vision. Afterward the vet told me "it appears he's pretty much 100% blind". WHAT?! He was JUST here... he was JUST fine. He's only eight years old! (Very young for his bread.) I had brought my mom to the appointment and we just turned to each other, baffled by what we were being told. The vet recommended we see a specialist and referred us.

I went home, devastated. What do you mean he's blind?? I just couldn't wrap my head about it. I, of course, immediately started researching. I found out about this thing called SARDS, or sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome, which, as it sounds basically leaves dogs blind in a matter of days or weeks. The symptoms seemed to line up perfectly with Beamers, even stating that it's most often found in dachshunds.

When we met with the specialist, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't real impressed with her but, she did in fact reference SARDS. I don't know why, but I was keeping hope alive that maybe a specialist would be able to tell me, don't worry, there's a procedure we can do to correct his vision, or even give him SOME vision back. But, no such luck.

Truth be told, I think I've taken the whole thing harder than Beamer has. He's been getting around pretty well, bumping into things here and there. It breaks my heart every time but, at this point, there's no sense being devastated over it, it's just the way things are now, another hurdle to jump over.

One day I'll be on the other side of all of this and I'll be a stronger person because of it but, for the time being, it has definitely been rough. Because of the excess eating, he has been putting on a lot of weight which, like in humans, is unhealthy and can lead to things like diabetes and heart disease. Because of the excess drinking he is also going to the bathroom ALL the time. I keep joking that I might as well have a baby soon because I'm already getting up several times a night to take him out to go to the bathroom.

If anyone reading this has any experience with SARDS or with blindness in a pet in general, I would love any sort of tips and advice. This has been quite a struggle but, luckily, I've had a good support system of people who care and are willing to help in any way they can and I am so thankful for that.  

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Closing the Door to 2013

Not gunna lie, I'm glad to put 2013 behind me. It was, hands down, the roughest year I've ever had.

Saying goodbye to my sweet girl Lexie and my grandma a little over a month apart put me in a very dark place. This month also brought the heartache of losing my other grandmother.

I, of course, have had the excitement of getting engaged but, in truth, it has been a bit bittersweet not being able to share it with some very important people.

So, to make it short and sweet, as I close the door to 2013, I'll be looking forward to 2014 with excitement and hope for a better year, after all, this is the year I'll become a Mrs!